Start Spreading the Blues….

Wait, what?  Another blog entry on blue stones?   Yes!  Once again, it’s the holiday season but this time Lapis Lazuli has pushed to the front seat of the sleigh.   This little gem is always on our customer’s wish list (and Santa’s!).   Why Lapis you ask?  Take one look and it’s not difficult to see why this luscious pool of Lazurite easily wins favor during the holiday season.   Treasured since the Pyramids were considered modern, Lapis has been coveted by everyone from pharaohs to farmers!  

Lapis ensnares the beholder with a few tricks up its sleeve.  Calcite is usually present in this stone, adding an interesting contrast of whites and grays.   Pyrite seals the deal with that renowned sparkle certain to captivate both the adorned and adorning.   The mesmerizing hue symbolizes royalty, honor, honesty and wisdom.   Pair it with sterling silver and it’s like a puddle of midnight resting on your hand, or earlobe, wrist or neckline! 

Lapis not only demands attention from the viewer, but also the owner.   Keep this stone safe, nestled in a soft fabric (complimentary with all Dalia’s products).   Lapis can chip, scratch or score if you’re not careful, so no Christmas tree chopping while wearing your lazuli.  Also, keep this stone away from solvents, chemicals, and oils. 

Dalia’s Silver Lining uses only the finest, hand selected Lapis Lazuli stones; not imitations or dyed jasper you may find at other jewelers.   Take a look at our many beautiful pieces that celebrates the season with Lapis and I’m certain your loved one will have the best, bluest, Christmas.

"Larimar roots go deep.   Formed in the gastronomic underbelly of volcanic tubes; the silicate mineral pectolite is thrust to the surface by hot gases. "

David Weiss