Purple Rain, Purple Stone

Oh Amethystos, you're no rougey floozy.   Fleeing the libidinous drunkard, Dionysus, Amethystos sprints in her birkenstocks to the temple of Artemis.  She implores the goddess 'please, can't you do anything to lose this lush?'.  Why Artemis didn't just order an Uber for a quick get away, we will never know.  (probably bad cell service)  Instead, she turns you to a quartz statue.  Thanks Artemis.  To make matters worse, along comes driveling Dion, slobbering over his lost lust, his wine hued tears raining down, forever staining her purplish.  Goodbye Amethystos, hello amethyst!   

We've been infatuated with Amethyst ever since.   The reasons are obvious; the deep luster, sophistication, and poise are all encompassed in this glamorous gemstone.   Unlike so many other stones where size matters, amethyst's value increases based on color, with  'Deep Russian' commanding the highest ruble.  Amethyst is the birthstone of February, rumored to restore healing, serve up sobriety and sleep.  It's hardness makes it the perfect specimen for jewelry designers as it can knock-out naturally naked, or take on new life faceted.  Dalia's Silver Lining is a virtual playground for amethyst aficionados.   We're constantly on the hunt for the perfect stone to dress in sterling and release to an adorning public.  Of all the jewelry requests we get from our clientele, amethyst comes in first (we give her a silver medal).


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Now that you have a bit of Amethystos, how to best care for her?  Given her hard personality, I'd keep her away from softer stones.   She's still upset about that Dionysus fiasco and can give calcites, shells, fluorite, and apatite a black eye.  Keep her in the company of siblings or other brutes such as garnets and peridot.  She's best cleaned by soaking in dye-free dish soap (perfect time for a Pinot Noir no?), and lightly scrub with a ultra-soft brush (baby toothbrushes are great) and rinse in warm water.   Buff dry and then let her dazzle.

Dalia's Silver Lining jewelers are not only experts in design, but also professional lapidarists.   We have 4 generations of experience to ensure your amethyst is not only authentic (we hand select all of our semi-precious materials), but cut and polished for maximum sparkle.   Need proof, take a stroll through our site and visit frequently as we are always updating with new pieces!

"Larimar roots go deep.   Formed in the gastronomic underbelly of volcanic tubes; the silicate mineral pectolite is thrust to the surface by hot gases. "

David Weiss