The Opulence of Opals!

"People say I'm the life of the party, cause I tell a joke or two.  Although I might be laughing loud and hearty, deep inside I'm blue.”  Let’s face it, The Miracles had a pretty passive/aggressive hit on their hands back in the day.  Given my unnatural affinity for jewels, I like to think they were singing about a gemstone born from a different track of tears.  The tears of mother nature.  The opal!  This dainty droplet of miraculousness  has roots that reach as much in the clouds as they do the earth.   The ancient Greeks believed Opals were literally formed from the joyful tears of Zeus himself when he defeated the Titans.  (Olympians 1, Titans 0, if you’re keeping score).  Good try ancient Greeks, but now-a-days, most believe that Opals are formed from raindrops, weaving through sandstone.  As they trickle through, silica hitchhikes a ride until it is deposited into the deeper crackle of the earth.  Once the rain evaporates, over the millennia… An Opal is Born!   I really can’t escape musical references if you hadn’t noticed.

Opal, the birthstone of the October harvest, is a luminous stone.   It’s been carried through antiquity as a symbol of good fortune and hope.  Other’s gift this stone as a generous gesture, to keep loved ones safe from harm.  Opal’s kaleidoscope of colors entices, enriches and effortlessly transports the beholder to more magical places.   They run the spectrum from ruby reds to velvety violet, morphing with the slightest change in lighting.   A rainbow on the wrist, a prism in a pendant, a nova in a necklace.   You really can’t go wrong with this one.

Like a dainty debutante, you have to be gentle with the opal.   She's soft, literally, and requires gentle polishing with a clean cloth.   Opal can scratch, chip or crack, so try to store separate from your other pieces as the rummaging around can leave her scarred.   If your opal is looking a little pouty, let a professional bring back the brilliance with a thorough buffing.

Dalia's Silver Lining hand selects the finest of opal stones.   Our pieces let the opal do the singing and let her shine in a backdrop of sterling silver.   Each opal is solid, not layered in glass or set in plastics like you'll find at other jewelers.   We deliver each piece with all the necessary accouplements to keep her safe, sound and shimmering.  

So let the tears of joy start tracking with any of the beautiful Opal creations by Dalia's Silver Lining.   We are certain they will let the sunshine in for many a cloudy days to come.

"Larimar roots go deep.   Formed in the gastronomic underbelly of volcanic tubes; the silicate mineral pectolite is thrust to the surface by hot gases. "

David Weiss