We are Family...I Got All My Druzies With Me!

If you're a regular on the DSL blog, by now you know every article entry has a musical relationship one way or another.  This one is no exception!  Druzies aren't gemstones in their own right.  They are born from the burping, belching belly of mother nature.  Excuse you mother nature!  Water, percolating through layers of earth, silica and sand, deliver crystals to the surface of a stone (or an internal cavity of the rock).  On occasion, this stone might be a garnet, carnelian, malachite, agate or hematite.   Once the water evaporates, a microscopic foundation of crystal structures are left standing.   Over countless centuries, the silica structures reached for the heavens, reflecting sunlight and vying for the attention of anyone passing by.  It worked, it worked big time.  Our earliest ancestors employed druzy in their tools, weapons and fire-starter kits.  How many a romantic caveman kneeled with a druzy in their palm?  And who can argue that Dorothy's Oz isn't anything more than a large agate druzy?  

Druzy stones come in all shapes, sizes and colors.   Their baseline material and robustness of the structures often drive the value of the material.   It's easy to comprehend why the chorus of crystals symbolize harmony, reconciliation, patience and togetherness.   

Dalia's Silver Lining has several, stunning druzy pieces to choose from.  We've surrounded each hand-selected stone in sterling, used more intricate patterns to compliment the angles and exposed a generous arena of crystals.  Our jewelers are true professionals, highly experienced in the craft and personally ensure our stones capture the eye.

Cuff     Cuff     Pendant     Pendant

Druzies aren't doozies to care for.   Although you need to be gentle with the stone, a light polish with your Dalia's Silver Lining cloth should do the trick.   This is not the piece to wear when making sandcastles or renovating the kitchen.   Druzies can chip and break.   With the many crevices, remove this piece before bathing and by all means, avoid abrasives and chemicals.   A gentle cleanse in warm, dye-free dish soap is recommended for any stubborn blemishes.  Dry thoroughly before storing.

When the time comes, and there's none like the present, take a look at some of our stunning DSL druzy creations.   Each is unique, but all of the pieces and our clientele that wear them, is like...well...family.   Queue the music and happy shopping everyone!

"Larimar roots go deep.   Formed in the gastronomic underbelly of volcanic tubes; the silicate mineral pectolite is thrust to the surface by hot gases. "

David Weiss