When Your Chain Hangs So Low...

From time to time, Dalia's Silver Lining has hosted jewelry parties.  They've been a great way to gather customer input, elicit ideas and witness in real time, a client's reaction to a new design.   It's also surfaces some common questions that I thought we could address here.

  • "Just how long should my necklace chain length be?" 
  • "What's the optimal resting spot for my pendant"
  • "Does this make my neck look fat?"

Necklaces are akin to slacks, we can't tailor the seam until we know the waist size.  Before purchasing necklace chains, use a flexible measuring tape to determine circumference.  Add 3 inches and most will have a necklace that is sitting just around the collar.  Hence the term, collar necklace.  Collar length is great for v-neck blouses, strapless dresses, a more formal affair.   More Downton Abbey than Erin Brockovich.

Getting into the 16", we graduate to the choker.   Depending on the chain (or necklace), chokers can add an instant dash of drama to your outfit.   Certain to draw the eye, chokers can elevate a casual outfit and should be a staple in your jewelry collection.   Remember that chain lengths are measured without the clasp so keep that in mind when purchasing.

Feeling like a princess yet?  If not, add an 18" chain to your collection.   The princess rests comfortably on or about the collarbone.  It's probably the most versatile length in terms of dress up or down. 

Moving on, the matinee comes in at 22".  If you're of shorter stature, this is probably as long a chain you'll want to invest in.   This length brings attention to the bust, it also is a great choice for layering affects, so pile on the princesses and/or the operas given this sits in the middle.  The matinee and the princess is where we primarily see pendants.  The focal attention will naturally gravitate towards mass, so choose pendants that accent your style, or give contrast to the more uniform.

At 30", the opera is a dramatic length that rests at or slightly above the naval.  A good pairing with a collar or choker length, the opera is a perfect choice for those vertically blessed

Anything over 30", is a rope length.  Consider double looping these chains for added drama.   Have fun, mix and match with the other lengths as ropes were meant to lasso!

And finally, notice the nape.  If you're binding your neck like fresh mozzarella then chances are you're not only uncomfortable but so is your necklace!   If the necklace chain is well...hidden in the folds, then a longer consideration should definitely be considered. 

Dalia's Silver Lining has a wide variety of all necklace lengths.   Take a look at some of our individually crafted masterpieces; I'm certain they will become not only your new, personal favorites but those of your admirers.

"Larimar roots go deep.   Formed in the gastronomic underbelly of volcanic tubes; the silicate mineral pectolite is thrust to the surface by hot gases. "

David Weiss