Jewelry Maintenance

Sterling Silver Care & Cleaning Tips

Sterling silver jewelry requires proper care to maintain its shine and brilliance. If you store it properly & regularly maintain it to prevent tarnish, and scuffing, cleanings can be quick and easy.


Proper storage of your jewelry helps in preventing oxidation, which causes dullness and a loss of shineHere are a few tips for proper storage:

  • To prevent scratches & tarnish when not in use, sterling should be stored individually in its own sealed plastic bag/compartment.
  • Store in a dry, cool place.
  • Avoid keeping jewelry in bathrooms as humid air can exacerbate oxidization. 
  • Keep in a case lined with tarnish-resistant material. 


Over time, dirt, lotion, makeup residue, & skin oils build on the surface of sterling causing it to become dull.

  • The best way to prevent this is to clean sterling regularly. As a rule, the use of chemical cleaners is discouraged, as they can result in discoloration.
  • The most effective way to polish sterling is to wipe it gently with a soft jewelry cleaning cloth – available for sale at Dalia’s Silver.
  • Avoid using coarse fabrics, like paper or polyester, which can result in scratching. Wipe down silver as often as you'd like to restore its brilliance.


Over time sterling can tarnish, meaning there’s oxidization that occurs on the surface of the metal. On some people, green fingers may occur when wearing sterling silver rings. This is not a sign of cheap or low-quality sterling. The composition of .925 Sterling lends itself to the occasional green discoloration because of the presence of copper in the sterling alloy.

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